Sodimas French Sodimas lifts

  1. VVVF multi-speed system.
  2. We will see a light walk along the door that prevents it from closing during the movement of entry and exit from the elevator.
  3. External and internal indicators.

  4. Emergency battery works to move the elevator in case of power outages.
  5. Overload system.

  6. Factories are one of the largest factories in Europe and keep up with European developments due to the manufacture of elevators conforming to European specifications and standards EN81, which is the one that issues and approves inspection certificates for the largest international elevator companies.
  7. The elevator is equipped in a color screen and internet connected in sodimas company to know the status of the elevator at all times, as the customer can use the elevator remotely through a program downloaded on the mobile phone, as the company Sudimas can develop any technical update of the elevator.
  8. The control box contains french-made parts and electrical parts of high quality from the French factory Sudemas, where it is installed on the last floor on the left side in size (width 30 cm x 210 cm height).

Home Lifts Drew French SWEET LIFT

This elevator is fully manufactured in the factories of the French company SODIMAS, it is French-made and of origin, and has experience of more than 40 years in the field of elevators, the company Atlas Elevators in collaboration with the French company Sodimas has launched a wide variety of home elevators in order to put all its experience in the service of its customers and absolute comfort in total safety, thanks to the use of the electric engine type Gearless and transmission belt Ensuring accuracy and tranquility during the movement of the elevator, where you can enjoy the movement between the roles comfortably and safely, characterized in a system and control box of the type Of Sudemas connected inside the well, the variety of elevators Home Lift or what is known as Lift Sweet is the safest in the sales market, where it is characterized in the interior and exterior designs wonderful and elegant to meet all tastes, with balanced sizes and dimensions suit your comfort due to the place of manufacture.

The elevator load starts from 225 kg to 4 people, and reaches a maximum of 400 kg and can accommodate 6 specials, with a well height of up to 15 meters, and there is a touch screen of the entirely new generation it is designed to give you a visual and practical experience at the same time, as you can choose Different shapes and designs to suit your desire, where you can choose the interior design of the cabin and change both:

  • ceiling
  • keyboard
  • screen
  • musk
  • cabin frame
  • interior and exterior lighting

and control the settings only one balm and at all ease by touching the screen with the sound of quiet music in the elevator.

Elevator Home Lift is designed to suit all kinds of houses and small commercial markets with two floors, it is characterized by its small size and attractive which gives it preference between elevators because it only needs a hole 10 cm and the height of another role 250 cm, so our design will achieve this architectural expectations and will succeed in your choice of interior and exterior design.

There is a wide range of wood doors and compartments offered to you and all available in several finishes to suit your ears, where there are two types of doors type of which open automatically and the other type opens manually.

  • The elevator speed works at a rate of 0.30 meters / second, and the maximum journey up to 15 meters (depending on the height of the roles).
  • The smallest well size is 107cm x 124 cm
  • Power source 230 Volts / 50 Hz / 16 Amp / 2 Single Fayez .
  • Mounted inside an aluminum structure designed by Sudimas or inside the well.
  • Operated by the frequency converter.
  • Equipped with an emergency power machine.
  • A load of up to 400 kg.
  • Recipient of the European Union’s Recommendation for Machinery 2006 /42/CE.

Hurry up to get home to Sudemas because it’s the perfect solution for you.