People's Lifts (Passengers)

Elevators of people (passengers) are one of the most widespread elevators in the world, and the most traded in terms of marketing and sales, since the beginning of the use of this type of elevator and over time, there have been wonderful technical developments, starting from the speed of the elevator and security and safety systems and ending in the splendor of performance and interior design of the upcoming (cab), allowing its users to feel safe and comfortable on the move between roles, and the components of the elevator rely on the most important parts such as:

  1. The speed of the electric motor.
  2. Control box with electrical parts.
  3. Metal traction ropes and pulleys that connect the ascendant and the electric motor.
  4. Safety systems to protect passengers in case of a break in the traction ropes.
  5. Weights or what is known as (thalassa) which saves the balance of the elevator.
  6. Elevator doors.

There are two types of elevators, of which depends on the presence of an electric motor room, and the other type does not need an engine room, and is considered one of the best solutions for private buildings and commercial complexes and villas and best-selling villas recently, and when installed is dispensed with the space allocated to the engine room and located at the top of the well as recognized within the traditional elevators, this system is characterized by fluidity in movement, softness and quiet sound, where the electric motor is installed at the top of the well, this model was chosen as the best solutions For elevators without engine room, its advantages include:

  1. Factory according to European specifications and standards.EU/EN81-1/2 European Directive 2014/33
  2. Load up to 630 kg and the number of 8 people.
  3. Cab and doors of stainless steel engraved (determined by the customer’s request).
  4. Advanced Traction System 2.1: Indirect suspension from weight to cab.
  5. A multi-speed VVVF system that saves 50% of electricity.
  6. Softness and fluidity while moving between roles without any sense of vibration.
  7. We will walk along the door to prevent closure during entry or exit from the elevator according to European security and safety specifications.
  8. Emergency battery works in case of power outages, where you take the elevator down to the nearest role and open the door directly.
  9. Equipped with special nutrition for the use of fireman firefighters so that it is easy for them to use the elevator in case of emergency.
  10. TRACTION VVVF, MPMARCH, FULL COLLECTIVE,SIMPLEX, 3*400 THREE PHASE: An airtight box for non-entry of multi-speed soils and the location of the control is located in the last turn.

Work system: Simplex – full assembly

  1. Equipped with in-cab digital indicators and an external digital indicator in each role of the TFT system.
  2. Features all security and safety systems.
  3. Ccontains buttons to open and close the door and a fan working to ventilate the elevator and alarm bell in case of emergency.
  4. Contains an electronic overload system and 4 sounds and speicher.
  5. Contains emergency lighting and light bulb suppalling on its own in case of power outages in the roof of the cab.
  6. Contains shares to rise and fall within the digital index.
  7. Equipped with a speed regulator to protect the elevator in case of exceeding the speed limit.
  8. Does not need to rise 4 meters for the last round and only the height of the round is 3.5 meters.
  9. Does not require a license from the engineering office and the municipality to add a role to serve the surface.
  10. Does not require air conditioning and thus eliminates the burden on the owner by placing an elevator air conditioning unit above the well and permanent water leaking and maintenance work to the air conditioning unit.